Something to Tell the Kids


Here at Archway Homes we are used to unusual requests and try to accommodate them when possible, this time it was definitely off the wall!

Purchaser Mike Warrilow, who is buying an Elder at Boundary Park, Saltney with his wife Naomi, wanted to lay a brick in their new home so they could tell their little ones in the future that Daddy had helped build their home.

Paul Pedley, Co-founder and owner of Archway Homes, was pleased to grant this request and arranged it with Matt Whelan, the Development Manager, Eric Bray, the Site Manager, and his team on site.

Naomi could not attend on the day so her father, David, who is a keen photographer, came along to take some photos for the family album.

Mike and his father-in-law were safely kitted out before venturing on site. Tradition says that it is good luck to put a coin in with one of the bricks so Paul provided Mike with a pound coin to go in the mortar.  Mike decided he will not be taking this up as a career anytime soon as he discovered it is not as easy as the experts make it look!

There are currently no plots on release at Boundary Park because sales have been so good, and the next plots will not be finished until much later in the year.  However, we are advising everyone to keep checking our website to see when the next plots are released.

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