Eddisbury Park, Hartford

Development retrospective

Eddisbury Park location

Getting to Eddisbury Park

Eddisbury Park specification

Eddisbury Park availability

Eddisbury Park development plan

Eddisbury Park Show Home

The Hazel, Plot 1

The Spruce, Plot 2

The Poplar, Plot 3

The Elder, Plot 4

The Poplar, Plot 5

The Elder, Plot 6

The Hazel, Plot 7

The Hawthorn, Plot 8

The Hazel, Plot 9

The Oak, Plot 10

The Elder, Plot 11

Woodland View, Great Sutton

Development retrospective

Mill View, Neston

Development retrospective

The Chase, Great Sutton

Development retrospective

Wood Farm, Guilden Sutton

Development retrospective

Wood Farm location

Getting to Wood Farm

Wood Farm specification

Wood Farm development plan

Wood Farm availability

The Lime, Plot 1

The Rowan, Plot 2

The Poplar, Plot 3

The Poplar, Plot 4

The Holly, Plot 5

The Whitebeam, Plot 6

The Poplar, Plot 7

Boundary Park, Saltney

Development retrospective

Boundary Park location

Getting to Boundary Park

Boundary Park specification

Boundary Park development plan

Boundary Park availability

The Spruce, Plot 1

The Spruce, Plot 2

The Elder, Plot 3

The Spruce, Plot 4

The Hazel, Plot 5

The Elder, Plot 6

The Hazel, Plot 7

The Elder, Plot 8

The Elder, Plot 9

Pine Lodge, Chester

Development retrospective

Pine Lodge location

Getting to Pine Lodge

Pine Lodge specification

Pine Lodge plan

Pine Lodge availability

The Lodge, Plot 1

The Poplar, Plot 2

The Poplar, Plot 3

The Lime, Plot 4

The Lime, Plot 5

The Cypress, Plot 6

The Cypress, Plot 7

Garden View, Willaston

Development retrospective

Garden View location

Getting to Garden View

Garden View specification

Garden View availability

Garden View plan

The Larch, Plot 1

The Maple, Plot 2

The Maple, Plot 3

The Larch, Plot 4

The Elm, Plot 5

The Oak, Plot 6

The Willow, Plot 7

The Old Dairy, Neston

Development retrospective

The Old Dairy location

Getting to The Old Dairy

The Old Dairy specification

The Old Dairy availability

The Old Dairy plan

The Beech, Plot 1

The Beech, Plot 2

The Elder, Plot 3

The Pine, Plot 4

The Hazel, Plot 5

The Pine, Plot 6

The Poplar, Plot 7

The Elder, Plot 8

The Pine, Plot 9

The Poplar, Plot 10

Eastham Fields, Eastham

Development retrospective

Eastham Fields location

Getting to Eastham Fields

Eastham Fields specification

Eastham Fields availability

Eastham Fields plan

Eastham Fields Show Home

The Pine, Plot 1

The Poplar, Plot 2

The Spruce, Plot 3

The Elder, Plot 4

The Hawthorn, Plot 5

The Elder, Plot 6

The Poplar, Plot 7

The Poplar, Plot 8

The Elder, Plot 9

The Elder, Plot 10

The Pine, Plot 11

The Poplar, Plot 12

The Spruce, Plot 13

The Elder, Plot 14

The Elder, Plot 15

The Poplar, Plot 16

The Spruce, Plot 17

The Poplar, Plot 18

The Spruce, Plot 19

The Spruce, Plot 20

The Poplar, Plot 21

Lime Tree Grange, Cheshire Oaks

Development retrospective

The Pine, Plot 1

The Poplar, Plot 2

The Poplar, Plot 3

The Pine, Plot 4

The Laurel, Plot 5

The Laurel, Plot 6

The Hawthorn, Plot 7

Salters Grove, Salterswall

Welcome to Salters Grove, Salterswall.
Our A-Rated Homes.

Getting to Salters Grove

Salters Grove specification

Salters Grove availability

Salters Grove plan

Salters Grove customer upgrades

The Holly, Plot 1

The Poplar, Plot 2

The Damson, Plot 3

The Hawthorn, Plot 4

The Plum, Plot 5

The Mulberry, Plot 6

The Mulberry, Plot 7

The Poplar, Plot 8

The Poplar, Plot 9

The Spruce, Plot 10

The Spruce, Plot 11

The Holly, Plot 17

The Spruce, Plot 18

Montrose Gardens, Kelsall

Welcome to Montrose Gardens, Kelsall.
Our A-Rated Homes.

Getting to Montrose Gardens

Montrose Gardens specification

Montrose Gardens availability

Montrose Gardens plan

Montrose Gardens customer upgrades

The Lime, Plot 1

The Chestnut, Plot 2

The Damson, Plot 3

The Lime, Plot 4

The Lime, Plot 5

The Rowan, Plot 6

The White-poplar, Plot 7

White Gables, Upton-by-Chester

Welcome to White Gables, Upton-by-Chester

Getting to White Gables

White Gables specification

White Gables development plan

White Gables availability

White Gables customer upgrades

The Oak, Plot 1

The Rosewood, Plot 2

The Rosewood, Plot 3

The Lime, Plot 4

The Lime, Plot 5

The Lime, Plot 6

The Chestnut, Plot 7

The Cypress, Plot 12

The Cypress, Plot 13


Archway Homes Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

Salters Grove Show Launch Success

Salters Grove show home launches this weekend April 9th and 10th

New Homes Week 21st-25th March


Site Safety Poster Competition Winner

Exclusive White Gables launch weekend 29th and 30th January

White Gables, Upton-by-Chester interest is off to a flying start

Salters Grove Open Weekend, 16th and 17th October

Eastham Fields development complete

Land wanted

Montrose Gardens, Kelsall now launched

Final three Cheshire Oaks homes

Archway's impact in the community

Lime Tree Grange Show Home launch

Solar power is GO!

Charter for Safe Working Practice

Coronavirus: Customer Update 2

Coronavirus: Customer Update

Promotion at Archway Homes to lead 'Green Agenda'

Elegant Eastham show home is on trend

Open weekend at Eastham Fields

Sleepout support for Chester homeless charity

Eastham homebuyers get to know their new neighbours

Family finds the space they crave in Cheshire

Work on new rugby clubhouse and community facilities kicks off in Eastham

New community blossoms at Garden View

Homebuilder goes the whole hog for good causes

Afternoon tea at Garden View 10th August

Last chance to buy at prestigious Cheshire development

Eastham Fields Now Launched

Garden View Open Day Sunday 3rd March

White Star Rockets score with Archway Homes sponsorship

Archway Homes supports the circus with a purpose

2018 Summer BBQ Raises over £1,300

Archway goes from Strength to Strength

The End is in Sight for the 'Ciara'!

The 'Ciara' Roof is On!

The 'Ciara' Comes Out of the Ground

The Archway Team Start Work on the 'Ciara'

Fund raising Summer BBQ success

New Release at Boundary Park, Saltney

Something to Tell the Kids

Educational Resources for Local School Children

Helping Out Guilden Sutton Pre-School

Why does Wood Farm have only one plot released?

Fresh Coat for Summer

Raffle Raises over £1000 for Charity

Crispin House Facelift Completed

Work Gets Underway

New Home, New Baby at The Chase

New Neighbourhood in Eddisbury Park

Eddisbury Park Open Weekend


Archway Homes supports local school

Archway Homes Helping Men in Sheds

Outstanding Sales at Eddisbury Park

Open Day for New Show Home

First family move in at The Chase

£500 raised for charity at Archway's 5th Birthday Bash!