Solar power is GO!


The first solar panels installed on Archway Homes' A-Rated development, Lime Tree Grange, in the desirable location of Cheshire Oaks, Chester, mark the beginning of the construction facet of their green agenda. 

In March 2020, Archway Homes launched it's Green Agenda, pledging a commitment to building not only beautiful homes, but more sustainable ones.  

Part of the company's pledge towards more environmentally friendly, and energy efficient homes, was the installation of solar panels on all new homes, starting with Lime Tree Grange, the flagship development for the Green Agenda. 

The newly installed solar panels are recessed into the roof, which blend in seamlessly with the roof tiles.  The energy produced powers the electricity in the home, with any excess used to heat up the water in the cylinder via an iboost system, saving on both your electricity and gas bills.

In a recent survey, 20% of people put environmental concerns in their top three issues facing the country, with 36% saying they would be willing to pay more for a zero carbon home. The government has committed to a zero carbon homes pledge by 2050, with house builders taking steps to install different materials, systems and technologies to meet this target.

In additon to the solar panels, all homes at Lime Tree Grange and on future developments, will include electric vehicle car charging points. Lastly, in an effort to improve on biodiversity and encourage wildlfe, planting schemes will be considered, fruit trees planted and all homeowners will receive bird boxes and bug hotels.