Fresh Coat for Summer


Following our internal revamp of Crispin House, the team felt that the outside of the building did not live up to the new and improved interior and, as we all know, first impressions count. So the team set to work identifying what would need doing so that the residence looked as good externally.

We enlisted the help of our friendly decorators, Smalley Painters, once again to help our site manager Eric, clear out all the gutters before beginning the preparatory work to allow them to repaint all the woodwork and the windows.

We also arranged for some new fencing, supplied by our local supplier Ringwood Fencing, and a new handrail outside the front door, which one of the residents is assisting us in painting.

Bluesky Plumbing have been by to inspect and arrange for a few broken waste pipes around the back to be replaced and Bracknell Roofing are heading out there to replace and reset a few slates on the roof.

All in all, a real team effort and we’re once again, so thrilled with the outcome and very grateful to all those who’ve helped us get the job done.

If you’re driving around Chester then it’s definitely worth a visit, the work has really helped restore a beautiful building back to its former glory. 

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