The End is in Sight for the 'Ciara'!


Now the roof is on the ‘Ciara’ at Wood Farm, and Gayle and Neil have had a chance to walk round and personalise their home, the internal works can really move on at a pace. At this stage, during the next 2 – 3 months, the house will undergo a huge tranformation.

The internal trades that now get started with the ‘first fix’ are the plumbers and electricians. Bluesky Plumbing fit all the pipework that will provide the central heating, water and drainage throughout the house. This is closely followed by OBD Electrical who fit all the wiring that will service the lights, switches, sockets, appliances, telephone and aerial points and the consumer unit. With all the hidden wiring and plumbing in place the next step is for the plasterers to move in.

RWW Plastering start by fitting the plaster boarding on all the internal walls and ceilings, and then follow through with the plaster skim. As with all the tradesmen, quality of workmanship is very important to Archway Homes, and the plasterers are no exception. The ability to get straight corners and edges, along with perfectly smooth surfaces is very difficult to achieve, considering it is done by a man with a trowel. However, RWW employ Billy, who is a very skilled plasterer.

Once the plaster has had a day or two to dry the whole house is mist coated by the painters, Smalley (North West). This not only seals the plaster but also highlights any areas of plaster work that may need a bit of attention. It is very difficult to see imperfections when working with wet plaster and in a gloomy house that does not yet have the electricity supply connected. 

With everything now ready the ‘second fix’ can start. Firstly, the joiner will fit skirting boards and door architraves, then the floor and wall tiling in the kitchen and bathrooms is laid by Mainsphere. The painter, electrician and plumbers then come back with all the visible elements of their trade – the gloss and emulsion paint, chrome electric sockets and light switches, and the toilets, baths, boilers and radiators etc. Also, at this stage the kitchen is fitted. The joiner will still have to come back to hang the oak laminated doors and finish off before the electric, gas and water meters are connected by the relevant service companies, meaning that all the systems can be tested to ensure that the everything works. It is now that the ‘Ciara’ is really transformed from a house into a home.

The outside of the house also undergoes a transformation with the soffits and facias all around the roof, the guttering, the landscaping and paving for paths and patios all being sorted. Many of these miscellaneous materials are provided by Tudor Griffiths Builders Merchant. 

All of the above mentioned suppliers and subcontractors generously agreed to contribute their time and materials, transforming the Lime into the Ciara. Bluesky, RWW and Tudor Griffiths agreed to absorb their part of the costs of the plot substitution. OBD additionally provided all the additional wiring and fittings, such as downlights in the bedroom and family room where the hoists were going to be fitted, or fuse spurs for the lift or hoists themselves, that were required for the extra equipment Ciara would need. Equally Mainsphere contributed floor tiling in the hall where Ciara’s wheelchair would constantly travel up and down and Smalley additionally agreed to decorate various rooms in different colours because Ciara would benefit from either calming or stimulating shades. 

Once again Archway Homes would like to thank all of the subcontractors and suppliers for their generous support in fulfilling one family's dream of a purpose built new home. The end really is in sight!

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