Educational Resources for Local School Children


Archway Homes has recently sponsored a series of educational resources for Guilden Sutton Primary School, including workbooks titled “Play, Stay, Keep Safe”.  The books and other materials, produced by the Children’s Safety Education Foundation (CSEF), cover important topics such as road safety, bullying and safety on a building site.

Anne Pedley, Director, and Rachael Whelan, Business Manager, from Archway Homes, went along to meet some of the children who have been utilising the resources and hear about how they are using them. The Year 6 children were working on one of the topics and discussing the various issues of bullying and what to do in such a situation. They had lots of positive comments about the booklets and feedback included, “I like how it is aimed at children with lots of colours and pictures,” and, “Doing the various activities helps us to get involved and think about it more”.

Anne spoke about how Archway Homes likes to give something back to the communities in which they build and these books were an ideal opportunity to do that.  She told the children it was wonderful to see them getting so involved in the activities and mentioned how the books appealed to Archway Homes, in particular, because of the section on ‘Building Site Safety’. “Building sites can seem very exciting but they are very dangerous places and you should never go onto a building site.”  

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