The 'Ciara' Roof is On!


Progress continues with the Ciara house type at Wood Farm and the roof is now on. The house is really taking shape and Gayle and Neil Fowler were delighted to be able to walk round their new home for the first time before the internal fitting starts. 

In order to get to this stage, the brick and block work was laid by the team of brickies from Clwyd Brickwork. When the walls got to the first-floor level, floor joists needed to go on and in order to fit these and also to continue the building work safely upwards the house had to have the first level of scaffolding erected. Grosvenor Scaffolding very kindly agreed to fund the difference between building the original Rowan house type and the new Ciara house type. The floor joists were re-designed to not only accommodate the lift shaft that was going in, but also to take the weight and fittings of a hoist in the family room. These changes were generously funded by Donaldson Engineering.

As the house continued to rise the scaffolding was also extended up to roof height. Then, at this point, the roof trusses, which had once again been re-designed to take the weight of an upstairs hoist in Ciara’s bedroom, were positioned using a crane. The final job for the brickies was to finish off any peaks of the walls so they tied in to the shape of the roof.

The fitting of the roof was next with the felt and battens going on top of the roof trusses, and the tiles going on top of that. Finally, the scaffolding was taken down and the external doors and windows were fitted by Rooms and Views, who were happy to make up the difference in cost between the planned house and the Ciara, which includes two additional windows. Our thanks go to Clwyd Brickwork, Donaldson Engineering, Grosvenor Scaffolding, and Rooms and Views for helping to make the Ciara possible.

With the house now water tight, certain works must take place before a customer can walk round. The downstairs concrete floor needed to be screeded, and the joiner had to put up any internal partition walls, along with fitting the oak staircase. Now the house was ready and safe for Gayle and Neil’s visit.

Customers are always invited in at this stage, just before what is commonly called ‘first fix’. This is not only to give them a chance to see inside their home for the first time but also to allow them to have some input in the location of items such as media panels. Where the TV goes is a very personal choice and Archway Homes are happy to let their customers decide where the media panel is positioned in the various rooms. With Gayle and Neil, it was also very important to get them and their professional team in at this stage to make sure everything had been thought of in adapting the house for their specific needs, with Ciara. They were very excited to be able to walk round their new home, even though, at this stage it looks much darker and, therefore, smaller than it will with light coloured plastered and painted walls.

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