The 'Ciara' Comes Out of the Ground


Following the re-design of the Lime at Wood Farm into a Ciara house type, to meet the needs of the Fowler family with their disabled daughter, the next stage was to start the building process. The family were exchanged on their new home and had moved into rented accommodation. Equally the planning permission had been changed and the structure of the new building re-engineered, so there were no constraints on getting started.

The first stage was to dig the footings and put in the foundations. 4 Crosses Construction, the groundworks subcontractor, employs Bryn, who is extremely skilled with an excavator, so once the foundations had been laid out on the ground Bryn set to work digging the trenches required for the foundations. The trenches, or footings, were filled with concrete, and the next step was to build the brick foundations that will support the walls of the house. Clywd Brickwork build all the brick and block work, and that includes those in the foundations.

Once the below ground work was done the concrete beam flooring had to be laid.  These beams are provided by APC Concrete and the design had been amended for the new internal layout. Our thanks go to both them and to Clywd Brickwork for agreeing to provide the materials and build the Ciara for the same cost as the original property. 

Finally, due to the need for Ciara to have a full wet room off her bedroom there were changes to the drainage layout, which needs to go in at the same time as the foundations. Once again Bryn was involved, laying the drainage in the correct locations ready for the pipework that will feed in to it as the house is built.

At this point it was possible to invite Gayle and Neil Fowler to come along and see the foundations of their new home. They were extremely excited and also somewhat surprised at the size of the floor span – at this stage of a new home the footprint looks much smaller than expected and they were amazed that their new home would actually be larger than one of the neighbouring properties which was already built.

At the same time as the foundations were being laid, Gayle and Neil also had the excitement of making their choices. They could choose what tiling they wanted on the kitchen, family room and utility floor; the wall and floor tiling for all their bathrooms and downstairs cloaks; the kitchen units, stone or granite worktops and handles; and the wardrobes and carpets.

Conversations about the interior of the home and the adaptations required for Ciara, in her wheelchair, had highlighted that the hall was going to be the primary entry and exit route. It was agreed that a carpet would not be suitable for this area and thanks go to Mainsphere, the tiling contractor, for agreeing to tile the hall free of charge.

Now that the choices were made and the foundations laid the Ciara was ready for the next stage of building – the walls, windows and roof!

Keywords: Wood Farm, Ciara