Our Green Agenda

Solar panels

A-Rated energy efficiency

We want to live greener and we know you do too so, from 2020, all homes on our new developments will include:

  • Solar Panels - converting the free energy of the sun into electricity for you to use around your home therefore reducing your electricity bills
  • Solar iBoost - maximising the free energy produced by your solar panels. If you have a hot water cylinder, the iBoost diverts any excess solar energy to your immersion heater, heating your water for free thereby reducing your gas bills
  • The boiler and the electrical appliances we put in your kitchen are all A-rated
  • A-rated Energy Performance Certificates - the higher the rating the lower the energy bills for you. All our houses will be A-rated to keep your costs down, and we're working to improve them further.
Bee collecting pollen

Working for wildlife

We care about our furry friends and try to encourage their presence on all of our developments:

  • In addition to the bird and bat boxes we install on our developments, every new home-owner pack will contain a bird box and bug hotel for you to put in your garden to encourage wildlife
  • All gardens will have hedgehog holes in the fencing and we use stock proof fencing, where appropriate, to encourage hedgehogs and other wildlife
  • The plants in your gardens and open spaces have been specifically selected to promote biodiversity and encourage bees
  • We assess and enhance our developments by planting trees which further promote biodiversity.
Energy saving lightbulb

Reducing your carbon footprint

We all like it when things run smoothly… and cost less:

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points – either now or in the future running an electric vehicle will not only save you money but reduce carbon emissions.
  • Your central heating system has dual zone controls and timing features so you can ensure it suits your lifestyle and doesn’t waste energy
  • 100% of the bulbs in your home are energy efficient and we use LED spotlights in kitchens and bathrooms, which last longer and use less energy
  • Hi-therm lintels are used over the windows and external doors and we install extra loft insulation to minimise areas where heat can escape.

These are some of the many steps we're taking. We’re working towards a more sustainable future so please keep an eye on our website for future updates!

Archway Homes is proud to be supporting the Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Investor in Wildlife